About us

What makes us tick

About us

What makes us tick

About us

What makes us tick

We are one of the leading suppliers of bottled/canned foods and frozen products in Europe; we supply the world’s largest food retailers, discounters and industrial companies worldwide.

In addition, we have been active in the special purchase non-food segment for the past 20 years and more.

Our aim is to manufacture high-quality products in large quantities and thereby offer them at favourable prices.

We regard customer service as our top priority.

Since we were founded in 1953, we have steadily increased our trading volume. We now employ just under 100 people at our Head Office in Hamburg alone.

We are not only a supplier but also a manufacturer. In 1972, we established the ELBAK S.A. cannery and bottling plant in Greece, which has since become one of the largest of its kind in that country.

In 1996, we opened the JÜTRO GmbH & Co.KG gourmet products and bottling/canning factory in Jüterbog and the JÜTRO TIEFKÜHLKOST GmbH & Co. KG frozen food factory in Jessen, emphasising our commitment to production in the home country.

A large proportion of the primary produce that we process is imported. In order to have a presence in the countries of origin, we have set up a worldwide network of foreign branch offices:

Hongkong (1987) | Budapest (1988) | Leipzig (1990) | Shanghai (1991) | Berlin (1993)
Lima (2015) | Ho Chi Minh City (2016) | Pune (2016)

In this way, we are able to ensure optimum procurement of primary produce and to monitor its quality.

We are currently distributing 600 different product lines, with new products constantly being added. We keep an eye on the changing tastes of consumers and develop and establish new products accordingly.

In the non-food segment, we have founded two companies, each of which concentrates on different areas:

  • Aspiria nonfood GmbH (2010) specialises in the procurement and development of sports, games and leisure products.
  • NORTHPOINT GmbH (2010) focuses on technical and electronic consumer goods and is at home in the standard and promotional items segment.

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