Sauces and delicacies  

Sauces and delicacies in ecologically innovative packaging
Besides an assortment of Hollandaise sauce specialities, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard,
and ready-to-serve sauces, we also offer a variety of classic pasta sauces.
Thanks to our highly modern production and filling plants, we are able to produce and bottle
almost any type of sauce you might desire. With our state-of-the-art filling plants, even sauces
with chunks, chilli con carne or cream sauces with whole mushrooms are not a problem.

The environmental aspects of packaging are becoming more and more important in the
assessment and decision-making process of trade and consumers. The actual ecological
relevance can only be truly determined by looking at the complete life cycle of a packaging,
though - from its primary production to its recycling.
Cardboard packaging is the clear winner of the eco-balance! Throughout its complete life cycle,
cardboard packaging saves up to 60% CO2-emissions and up to 60% fossil resources compared
to tin-cans or glass. This is documented in the current pan-European study by the Institute
for Energy and Environmental Research (ifeu).
Due to the new packaging-system “combisafe” from SIG Combibloc, we are able to offer you
this innovative form of packaging in flexible filling quantities from 200 to 580 ml.
In particular, we offer to compile mixed boxes with different sauces for our customers.
Just as you like.